Drawing A Blank

So far, my blogging experience has been a bunch of blank pages.

 I thought I would eloquently relay the events of my day.  I expected to perhaps provide an anecdotal synopsis of my latest misfortune, but it’s been a hard commitment.

 The daily word prompts are a great idea.  I’m just drawing a blank.

Too Flat

I love to sing! I sing everything . . . all the time!!

I sing at work, I sing at home, I sing at church, I sing in my car and I hum when I am in the store (yes, I am one of THOSE people).

Singing makes me sooooo happy.

But . . . I can’t sing. What I mean is I don’t make a sweet sound in anyone’s ear (I often apologize to people sitting in front of me in church once I realize I was really belting out a song).

I have taken voice lessons. I have done all of the exercises suggested in many self-help CDs, but still I’m too flat.

So why would God create me to love music so much and be so happy when I sing?


Her Name Was Jenny Faith

Jenny Faith was the first dog I loved by myself.  The four before her were for my children.

Being blessed with Jenny after suffering temporary empty nest sadness was a blessing!

Jenny Faith was a chillaxed Beagle that loved to take pictures, wear bows, dresses and have her nails painted!  She made it hard to be upset when she tore up my window blinds (she was so happy to see me every day).

Jenny Faith was the best buddy I could have prayed for.  Unfortunately, she took very ill and the vet said she would be better in heaven.  Making the decision to say goodbye was extremely hard.

Jenny Faith was a good girl.  I never thought I would get another buddy, but I eventually I did.  I now have Dolly Paige.  She will never take the place of my Jenny Faith. 


Change Your View

When you look around at where you are in life, if things don’t look too well: you may have had blurred vision. You may have been wearing the wrong glasses. You may have been wearing sunglasses inside. It’s time to change your view and get rid of the blurred and distorted vision.

I know first hand that we don’t have to be a product of our environment or upbringings.

Where we come from and where we been have shaped us into who we are, but we don’t have to stay there.

So if you come from a family of drunks and drug addicts who abuse their children you may be more likely to drink and use drugs and have poor parenting skills. You can change your view. You can purposefully not touch drugs or alcohol. You can be the opposite of your parents. You can hug your babies and protect them.

It’s up to you. What’s your view?

Survival Is For The Strong?

I think the best survivors are those who were weak and didn’t know they had the strength to overcome the problem, obstacles or situation.
The best survivors are the ones who had given up or were backed into a corner.

The best survivors are the ones that felt small like David facing giant Goliath.

Those are the survivors with a story to tell. Their testimony will give hope and encouragement for years.

Their account of survival will give someone else strength.

Best Qualified

I am of a mixed nationality.  At first glance, I may appear to be a minority.  I am often asked to participate on interview panels or award committees.  I would like to think it’s because of my expert knowledge or because of my integrity, but really human relations feels panels and committees are fairer if they are diverse.

 Personally, I would rather the best qualified people for a panel, committee or position.

 I would like to earn a position because I am the best qualified person, not because an employer is trying to fill a diversity quota.

Although I believe racism exists and some things are not fair; I believe some minorities have taken advantage of this.  Whining and complaining about someone else’s behavior instead of being the best they can be has led

Most of the time, I forget I’m different until someone points it out.



Order . . . Chaos . . . Fun

There was instructions.  There was a clear plan on what needed to happen.

Everyone knows the rules.

How is it, nothing on the to-do list got done?  Rules were broken.  The house was a chaotic mess!

We wanted order.  We wanted discipline.  They needed some fun.

Get To Know Your Neighbors

I’ve noticed how overprotective the world has become.  There are good reasons not to trust strangers with all the crime and deception around.  Our homes should be a safe haven for us to rest, relax and enjoy the things we have earned.  I do remember when I was little, we knew all of our neighbors (and they knew us).   Everyone knew when someone was around who didn’t belong.  Some neighbors are extra nosey and some are extra helpful.

 I recently moved to a new neighborhood.  Waving hi and bye was one thing in the beginning, but I wanted to get to know my neighbors.  So, I begin taking a neighborhood stroll a few times a week.  It has been so nice to see everyone’s yard and landscaping ideas.  It didn’t take long to connect with the people who live around me.  Now I know people’s names, their children’s names, their basic schedule and when something is not right.

 Living in a neighborhood is kind of like extending your family.  I like it.

I struggle With Myself

Some people struggle with alcohol, drugs or bad behaviors, but I struggle with myself.

The other day, one of the prettiest, nicest and kindest ladies I know shared that she struggles with low self-esteem. I was completely shocked.  I wish I could give her my eyes for just one minute.  Surely if she could see her the way I do, her view would change.

I came from nothing. I grew up in circumstances that were not good.  I wound up in foster care during my high school years.  I was not a nice person.  I was angry; mostly at my birth parents who I blamed for my circumstances.  When I finally had a chance to speak to my birth mother, I said mean and unforgiving things . . . hours before she died.

As an adult, I have the nerve to covet my friends’ mothers. I miss not having a mother.  I am sad that my children didn’t get to have a Nana, Grandma or Mama to lovingly care for them.

Am I viewing this wrong? Do I have a distorted view?  Do I need to borrow someone else’s eyes for just one minute to have a life changing view?eyes

I know Jesus sacrificed His life for me. He has forgiven me and made me new . . . except that one thing.


Sand in My Pants

I grew up in the city. I am a proud city girl.

I have settled in a coastline state where tourists crowd the highways every weekend from Memorial Day to Labor Day to visit our beaches.

I don’t understand the fascination, intrigue or point of these trips.

On my first trip to the beach, I found the water full of jellyfish, had to corral toddlers and got sand in my pants!! As a matter of fact, the sand loved us so much; it joined us in the car, home and remained in the washing machine for weeks!

Ewwwwww . . . scrubbing down toddlers and endless (pointless) vacuuming of my car and sand that never seemed to go away makes me not a beach lover.

Maybe I did it wrong.