My Circle of Life

When I think of the Circle of Life, I am reminded of the Disney movie “The Lion King” how a young cub learns about how life works for animals.

When I think of my current circle of life, I think of my current sickness. One day I feel whole and the next day I feel broken.  One day I am almost pain free and the next day I am in so much pain I want to cry.

It is like spinning a wheel of chance and wondering what will happen when I open my eyes.

What does your current circle of life resemble?

Wheel of Chance


One thought on “My Circle of Life

  1. D. A. M. Steelman says:

    My current wheel is decent… I have much to be grateful for… of course, I always want more… but that is when I have to remind myself that enough is enough. I don’t need any more than I have.
    Thank you for posting.


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