Get To Know Your Neighbors

I’ve noticed how overprotective the world has become.  There are good reasons not to trust strangers with all the crime and deception around.  Our homes should be a safe haven for us to rest, relax and enjoy the things we have earned.  I do remember when I was little, we knew all of our neighbors (and they knew us).   Everyone knew when someone was around who didn’t belong.  Some neighbors are extra nosey and some are extra helpful.

 I recently moved to a new neighborhood.  Waving hi and bye was one thing in the beginning, but I wanted to get to know my neighbors.  So, I begin taking a neighborhood stroll a few times a week.  It has been so nice to see everyone’s yard and landscaping ideas.  It didn’t take long to connect with the people who live around me.  Now I know people’s names, their children’s names, their basic schedule and when something is not right.

 Living in a neighborhood is kind of like extending your family.  I like it.