I struggle With Myself

Some people struggle with alcohol, drugs or bad behaviors, but I struggle with myself.

The other day, one of the prettiest, nicest and kindest ladies I know shared that she struggles with low self-esteem. I was completely shocked.  I wish I could give her my eyes for just one minute.  Surely if she could see her the way I do, her view would change.

I came from nothing. I grew up in circumstances that were not good.  I wound up in foster care during my high school years.  I was not a nice person.  I was angry; mostly at my birth parents who I blamed for my circumstances.  When I finally had a chance to speak to my birth mother, I said mean and unforgiving things . . . hours before she died.

As an adult, I have the nerve to covet my friends’ mothers. I miss not having a mother.  I am sad that my children didn’t get to have a Nana, Grandma or Mama to lovingly care for them.

Am I viewing this wrong? Do I have a distorted view?  Do I need to borrow someone else’s eyes for just one minute to have a life changing view?eyes

I know Jesus sacrificed His life for me. He has forgiven me and made me new . . . except that one thing.