Your Decision

When traveling down this road called life, only you can decide which way to go.

Are you getting out of bed today?

Are you going to work?

Are you going to eat breakfast? (a healthy one)

All of these decisions will affect the type of day you have and the type of day the people around you will have.

Imagine arriving at a light and two lights are illuminated red and green. What do you do, stop or go?  Sometimes the decisions we have to make are difficult like that.

Other times the path is not clear because of emotions you may be feeling.

I have often prayed for a road map. I want to know what’s around the corner.

Take this standoff at the crossroad as a red flag to call on a family member or trusting friend.

You are not alone. God loves you! These obstacles are His way of calling you to Him.

It’s your decision. What are you going to do?

delagation     which way to go