Pooping In A Public Restroom

Is there a respectable way to poop in a public restroom?

Is it necessary to poop in a public restroom?

When I was twenty-something, I would avoid using public restrooms at all costs. Running to the safety (and cleanliness) of my home toilet made pooping more comfortable and easier.  Worrying about the possibility of touching lingering bacteria, urine and poop from strangers caused me extreme anxiety.

Now that I am forty-something with a medical condition that sends me to the closes restroom against my will, I have wisdom in easing public restroom poop anxiety.

I keep a couple of useful things in my office drawer:

Flushable Wipes – Great for wiping off a toilet seat in a hurry (you can’t hover when you have to poop) and will also help your bottom feel nice and clean.

Air Freshener – Great for leaving a fragrance other than poop.  Your co-workers will appreciate this.

Spare Underpants – Just in case

If you are nervous about others hearing your noises, put toilet paper in the toilet in the beginning.

Flushing frequently will keep down on the smell and avoid toilet back-ups.

If you are out running errands or have a medical condition that keeps you tethered to the restroom, keep some useful items with you. Make your pooping in a public restroom experience comfortable.

Happy pooping.


Have you pooped today?


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